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Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Spirit

"Free Spirit" mixed media (c) by Shiloh Moore - Face Detail

The other day I discovered a new style of art that really attracts me - mixed media portraits. I fell in love with art by Rachelle Panagarry, and on her site, 'Art Eye Candy,' she has some YouTube clips to show you how she does her gorgeous faces, found here.

I was inspired to give it a go. This first shot is a close up of my girl.

This next one is a detail of the top right hand corner.

This is a close up of the mid right section:
Here is the top left corner:
And the lower right corner has a hummingbird:
A close up of the hummindbird:
And, revealing the complete picture:
I'm in love!


  1. ohh gorgeous Shi, I can almost hear the music she is dancing to :)

  2. Wonderful! Well done you! :D xxx

  3. I love it! Beautiful colours, beautiful feelings! Thanks for sharing, Shiloh.♥

  4. i want so badly to try mixed media. i think i'll have to pick it up! you've done a great job here! keep on doing the artwork. i love seeing it! :)))

    1. Try it! It's fun :) Thanks so much Sally J xx