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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Life with ME: Spot the Difference - "Weekend Girly Coffee Date"

© 2016 by Shiloh Moore 

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Spot the Difference PART A  - Image
Spot the Difference PART B - Words

Today, Sept 27th 2016, is the second international day of action by #MEAction promoting awareness and change for the #MILLIONSMISSING (around 20 million people worldwide) with ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.   Note that the Australian day of action will be held in Melbourne in 2 weeks, on Wednesday 12 Oct 2016, from 1-2pm at Parliament House, East Melbourne, Vic, 3002 Australia.   

More information about the campaign, and ME, can be found here: http://www.meaction.net/

This 'Spot the difference' cartoon is my contribution to spreading insight into the disabling condition that I have had for more than two and a half decades.  

Here is the wording to go with the illustration:

 © 2016 by Shiloh Moore 


“You look great!  But you don't look sick.
I feel tired all the time too,
maybe I have chronic fatigue? Hahaha!”

30 something married mother
+ career woman:

1) Frazzled long hair from morning gym session
2) Pretty dress + make-up
3) Heavy jewellery
4) Favourite perfume
5) Large slice of cake
6) High heels
7) Feet sore from standing and walking all morning
8) Shopping bags from browsing before coffee date
9) Barely able to sit still
10) Car keys for driving
11) Coffee date is the 5th of 10 events today

=  Is healthy but overworked


(Smiles awkwardly)

30 something single woman with no kids
+ no job:

1) Bed-hair, cut short because it causes pain
2) Comfortable clothes + no make-up - no energy for fuss
3) No accessories as they trigger pain
4) No scents or chemicals as she is sensitive and reacts
5) No cake due to food intolerances
6) Flat shoes with orthotics
7) Feet sore from standing at all
8) Just got up at 10.30 in time for coffee
9) Barely able to sit up long enough for a brief cuppa
10) Driven door to door by a carer
11) Coffee date is the only non- medical outing or visit from a friend all week. 
She will need to go home to rest immediately after.

=  Has moderate ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and FM (Fibromyalgia Syndrome)

Shiloh Moore can be contacted on her webpage here:  www.shilohmoore.wix.com/byshi

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love Heart Owls

'Paisley Love Heart Owls'
© 25/9/16 By Shiloh Moore
8"x10" Pitt Pen and Posca Marker on Paper

At the beginning of September I was browing Pinterest.  I saw an amazing photo of owls made into a love heart shape (below:)  I reverse image searched to try to find the amazing artist/illustrator, but unfotunately I could not find an original source to reference. 
Image from Pinterest and other sites on the internet, artist unknown

 'Paisley Heart Thanks Owl'
© May 2016 by Shiloh Moore
5"x5"Posca Markers on Paper
When I looked at the image from Pinterest, I could see my heart owl could be adapted to fit 2 owls into a heart shape using a similar design.

Firstly I did a watercolour of the image: (below.)  I was not entirely happy with this, but as I was looking at it, I could see that it may be more effective to use the Paisley pattern used in the 'Paisley Heart Thanks Owl', so today I drew the top image above, of the 'Paisley Love Heart Owls.'

'Love Heart Owls'
© 1/9/16 by Shiloh Moore
8"x10" Pitt Pen and Watercolour with Rock Salt on Paper

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hipster Cat

'Hipster Cat'
© 28-29th August 2016
By Shiloh Moore
 4"x4" Pitt Pen on Paper 

Photograph taken 11th June 2016
© By Shiloh Moore

My dear friend Cat visits often, and one time she was looking way too adorable with her hipster glasses and cute hair.  I just had to take a photo and draw her!  Here is my effort.  I'm not too happy with her lips and teeth, but I love how her hair has turned out.  Next time I might ask her to keep her mouth closed?!  But she radiates with her smile!  She pointed out she looks very French in my drawing of her.  I'm also not happy that I think I've made her look way older than she it.  But I'm new to portraits and it was fun to do.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Circular Heart Owl

'Circular Heart Owl'
© 21/8/16 By Shiloh Moore
6"x6" Oil Pastel and Watercolour with Rocksalt On Paper
Products with this image can be bought here at Redbubble

Using the same outline of an owl that I used for 'What a Hoot',  and 'Dotty Owls'  I drew the owl with white oil pastel, then added the colour with watercolours, sprinkling it with rock salt while it was still wet.  Once dry, I removed the rock salt and this gave the coloured areas their pattern.  Then I added the black for the eyes and around the beak/nose (weird question: does an owl have a beak or a nose or a snout?!!!)  Then she was done!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


© 1/9/16 by Shiloh Moore
5"x7" Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper

Products with this design can be bought at Redbubble here

As a kid I loved finding Dandelions and blowing on them to make a wish.  

To give this piece a title, Mum suggested 'Make a Wish' and Dad suggested 'The Answer (is blowing in the wind)' and I loved both titles but couldn't choose.  So I went all boring and named it 'Dandelion'! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Wish I Could Kiss Things Better

'I Wish I Could Kiss Things Better'
© August 2016 by Shiloh Moore
5x7" Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper

Cards and gifts with this image can be bought here at Redbubble

I scribbled the idea for this image late one night 19th July 2016.  Sometimes I really wish I could take away a friend's pain, grief or illness. I don't like 'Get Well Soon' cards for people with long term illness or mental illness or people who are grieving, but sometimes I wish I could just kiss things better.  So I made this for a card. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Newborn Love

'Newborn Love'
© 29/8/16 by Shiloh Moore
5"x7" Pitt Pen on Paper

Inspired by a Card from a $2 Shop
Made from a stock photo
© by Romolo Tavani
Reverse image search result here

My mother bought a gift card for a new mother, and I loved the image.  So I made it into a Line Drawing of the mother's hands creating a love heart around her baby's feet.

Friday, September 2, 2016

No F*x Left To Give

'No F*x Left To Give'
©  4/8/16 by Shiloh Moore
Pitt Pen and Watercolour on paper

Prints and products with this image are available to by here at Redbubble

 For when you're 'over it' and you've 'no f*cks left to give'...

I have a gorgeous friend who visits regularly on what we sometimes call 'Swear Sunday,' (to allow ourselves to be honest and swear when we need to.)  She recommended a book on priorities, 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.'  It sounded wonderfully irreverent and gave us a good laugh.  I forgot what the title was exactly, and thought it was the phrase 'No f*cks left to give.'  Meanwhile I had been trying to draw a fox, so I combined them and came up with this illustration!