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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poem: "A Place That I Go"

From age 16 to 23 I wrote poetry, and in 2004 self published a book, 'Stranger In The Moving Chair' (still available to buy via the contact page of my website http://shilohmoore.wix.com/byshiThe last poem in the book was the last poem I wrote.  It closed a chapter to my life.

I wrote a few more poems 6 years later, but again stopped writing, and focused on artwork. 

2 nights ago I felt I'd really like to write something again, and while lying down, I got out a pen and paper.  I usually write free verse (not rhyming,) but I wanted to see if I could write something that rhymed.  It poured out of me, and 20 minutes later this was what I had written: 

“A Place That I Go”
© 2015 By Shiloh Moore
(Age 35)

Despite constant pain and
Despite all the fears,
Despite the frustration
And the many tears

Over all these years
I have slowly grown,
To accept, and know a place
I can go on my own

Where fears are calmed
And inner peace pervades…
Where I love my life
Despite the pain that invades

I feel ‘held’ by hope
By strength, in reflection
And am ultimately moved
By a strong connection:

Despite the isolation
And no ability to travel
To see the sights nor
Be involved in person

Nor ‘contribute to society’
On a monetary level
Or to live my life
To its full potential

I long for a life partner
To share life and to intimately know
And I grieve for our children
Whom we’ll never nurture as they grow

In my fantasies
I have the strength and the power
To talk endlessly with friends…
Or at least for more than under an hour

Despite all this I feel I belong
To this universe, and to all humanity
Even in deafening solitude
I feel innate purpose, I feel free

I am grateful knowing this place
Where I not only merely exist
But live satisfied with all I have -
This gives me strength to persist

It's hard to imagine
Living this way
For the rest of my life...
Till I'm old and grey

So I live in this moment,
And block out the pain
I go to this place
Where deep down I'm ok.

The pain overwhelmingly aches
But deep within my soul
I know of this place, where
Within this life, I feel whole

Disclaimer:  Feel free to share this link, but please do not reproduce this poem without consent from the author. Shiloh Moore can be contacted at her website at:   http://shilohmoore.wix.com/byshi


  1. Its a beautiful poem. I can feel your pain. And I am so so proud of you.

    1. Thank you so, so very much Prerna. It's wonderful to get feedback from you. You are a genuinely loving soul. xx