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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

where there is life there is hope

 'dum vita est spes est (where there is life there is hope)'
Pastel image copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

An amazing man with very severe ME for decades now, recently wrote to me 'All is not bleak though, ...' 'Where there is life there is hope.'  

This blew me away and the quote (taken from the latin 'dum vita est spes est') really connected with me.  

I haven't been well enough to do any big painting or major artwork, but the quote inspired me to sit up to do these two quick (2 minute) pastel drawings, to bring the Latin phrase to life. 

I like to contemplate life and hope as the new year approaches.  May 2014 and beyond be filled with peace, love, joy, hope and as good health as possible. 

 'dum vita est spes est (where there is life there is hope)'
Pastel image copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

The pastel images:

 Green Pastel
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Pink Pastel 
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Magnets of artwork
copyright by Shiloh Moore

A friend showed me how she made magnets from her artwork.  Simply laminate wallet sized photos of artwork, then glue a magnet strip on the back.  I have made up a few batches of 20 of my favourite pieces I've done.  (Contact me if you'd like to buy one!) 

Shown here are: Row 1: 'Dragonfly', 'Juliet', and 'Circle of Life'
Row 2: 'Where there is life there is hope (green)', 'SpiralDaschund', and 'Where there is life there is hope (pink)'
Row 3: 'Bodhi Leaf', 'Rainbow Girl', 'Wisdom (Learn to Play)'
Row 4: 'Tori Under the Pink', 'PopArt Whimsical Owl', 'SpiralBird' and 'SpiralKittyLove'
Row 5: 'Enjoy the Puddles', 'Couple Expecting', 'SarBear Owl', 'Tree of Life'
Row 6: 'Peace Dove (blue)', 'Be Free (black)', and 'Peace Dove (green)'

Mugs of artwork
copyright by Shiloh Moore
This year I gave gifts of mugs with my artwork on them.  These are a few:

Top Row: 'Rainbow Beauty', 'Alanis', 'Bob Girl'
and Bottom Row: 'Be Free (silver)' and 'Be Free (black)'

Keyrings of artwork
copyright by Shiloh Moore
And here are the remaining leftovers of some keyrings I had made up. 

'Rainbow Girl', 'Dragonfly' and 'Alanis'. 

I'm pretty pleased with them!  I hope the recipients are too. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


A5 Watercolour, Pitt Pen and Max Factor Max Effect Nailpolish on Paper
Copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Last time I was near a creek I saw two gorgeous buzzing dragonflies.  I was captured by them.  Their iridescent glow was stimulating to the eye.  I tried to take a photo but couldn't get close enough and it just couldn't capture their essence.  

Then a friend, Jayne Eldred, posted one of her photos of a dragonfly on her facebook page 'Jayne Eldred Photography' in the album 'Pokolbin, Hunter Valley March 2013.'

 Dragonfly by Jayne Eldred Photography
Used with Permission

This photo stunned me.  The beauty of the delicate dragonfly, was captured incredibly.  I think it's my all-time favourite photo of a dragonfly!

I have a Max Factor Max Effect nail polish in blue that shines green on different angles.  I had an idea to draw the dragonfly and colour the body with this nailpolish to get the iridescent effect in different lighting.  It's not captured here in the scan, but framed in real life, you can see it shines at different angles. 

I drew the dragonfly with pitt pen, coloured the body with nailpolish, then did the background colours with watercolour and detail on the wings of the body with more watercolour.

copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

I am using this design to make 'thank you' and 'sympathy' cards like below:

'Dragonfly - With Gratitude'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boab Tree

'Boab Tree'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
6cm x 8cm
Acrylic and crackle medium on Canvas

A friend is going through a particularly tough time at the moment.  Her emblem for strength is the Western Australian 'Boab Tree' found in the Kimberley.  Some of these trees are known to be more than 1500 years old.  They live in a harsh environment and store thousands of litres of water, and are almost entirely edible, some parts with medicinal properties.  There is strong mythology around these trees in the Aboriginal rock art and Dreamtime Stories.  The trees are known for surviving and providing sanctuary in the harsh outback Australian landscape.  

These qualities are amazing, no wonder my friend identifies with them as her personal motif.

So I painted this tiny mini canvas for her, experimenting with crackle medium.  I chose the green for the tree, to represent life (Boab trees are not green), but I'm worried it makes it look more like a cactus than a Boab!  But hey, here I'll use some artistic licence!  

So here's to strength, endurance, hospitality and spiritual connectedness.  Sending love to my friend xx

 close up of 'Boab Tree'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Precious Body

'Resting Peace'
copyright 1998 by Shiloh Moore
Watercolour on A3 paper.

I painted 'Resting Peace' 15 years ago when I was 18 and dependent on a wheelchair to leave the house, recovering from a full year totally bedridden barely able to talk or eat or sit up.  My mother bathed and fed me during this time and even this was a mammoth effort for me.  The blues and purples in the outside of the picture represent the ease of the world, the beauty outside of my body.  The reds of my body represent pain and discomfort, blood stagnant and aching all over.  This was my rest.  I would try to tune out the pain in my body and see if I could notice and take on the outside stimulus of the gentle blues.  Mostly I was overwhelmed with the pain.

At this time I hated my body as all it brought me was pain and exhaustion and thousands of terrible symptoms.  I felt caged in this body, trapped, being tortured, no way out...  

Now, 15 years later and still experiencing extreme pain constantly, I realise it's not my body that confines me and causes me grief.  My poor little body is so weakend by this powerful illness and yet it still keeps going, keeps fighting, keeps me alive to experience the love, small joys and simple pleasures of this wonderful world.  It allows me to experience existence.  

My body is not a cage trapping me in torture, it is an amazingly strong and resilient beautiful marvel coping with a massive load while still helping me experience this life, which beyond the illness is precious.  My body's a fighter, powerful and valuable.  Oh little body how I love you.

When I'm in a lot of pain I now talk to my body, encourage it kindly to keep going, thanking it for surviving thus far, asking it to continue.  The other night I couldn't sleep due to pain so I lay awake talking to my body giving it love.  I wrote this:  

"My Precious Body'
copyright Shiloh Moore 15/9/13

Precious brave body
keep fighting
You deal with so much
such a heavy load
for such young shoulders

Keep on Keeping on
Look after you
Stay strong - 
You can do it.

You live so broken
so frail
so invaded
yet you survive
and continue to live 
using great strength.

You experience life so richly and deeply
even when you are forced to have bedrest,
hour after hour, day after day

My body:  You Belong.
There is purpose for your being.

How powerful and strong you are
Despite feeling so helpless
frustrated and overwhelmed,
pained and utterly exhausted.

You are amazing
You are precious
Keep fighting beautiful one
Oh little body how I love you.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sympathy Blossoms

'Sympathy Blossoms'
4"x6" watercolour and pitt pen card 
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

A friend asked if I had any cards for the purpose of Sympathy cards.  I realised I didn't.
I haven't been well enough to get out the acrylics and do a big painting, but I thought I could try a small watercolour.  

I've been noticing cherry blossoms and how beautiful they are and wanted to paint them.  I didn't have 'real life' ones so I drew from photos.

I have been reading a beautiful book by Marie Williams, called 'Green Vanilla Tea.'  Marie's husband Dominic struggled with Alzheimer's and died in his early 40's.  The book is a memoir accounting both the incredible struggles and the wonderful memories of life with Dominic and their two sons Mike and Nic.  The love in their family is powerful.  It is touching to read.
 Cover of 'Green Vanilla Tea' by Marie Williams
(used with permission)

I have 'met' Marie Williams online and I dedicate this sympathy card to her and her boys. 

I drew the blossoms on my sympathy card, guided from the photo on the cover of the book 'Green Vanilla Tea', only from the other direction and with other colours.  
I chose the colour of the blossoms inspired by cherry blossoms in a photograph by a friend, Josie Eldred of -love to be young photography- .  I am a huge fan of her beautiful photography - she does the most amazing macro work, and it's even more amazing because she, like me, struggles with ME (Myaglic Encephalomyelitis) and has done since a very young age.  So her work is out of passion and painful determination like mine.  I loved her macro shot of cherry blossoms
in pink and this inspired the colours of my cherry blossoms on my card.

#cherry blossom #macro
copyright by Josie Eldred of -love to be young photography-
(used with permission)

So I dedicate this card, with sympathy especially to Marie, Mike and Nic. Also to all who suffer or care for those struggling from chronic illness, especially those who have lost their loved ones. 

'Cherry Blossoms'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
Original 4"x6" watercolour and pitt pen on paper

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wishes II

Poem 'Wishes II' ©2013 by Shiloh Moore 
'Pastel Abstract' © 2008 by Shiloh Moore

 It's been a few months since my last blogpost.  For 6 weeks I had a very welcome lift in my health and was able to do a bit more, so I filled my time catching up with friends and doing things I haven't been able to do for a long time and really miss.  I even saw a movie.

Then a month ago I crashed and am back in survival mode.  I've recently faced new challenges to confront.  But such is life, at least I have the hope of improvement once again and know it can happen.

Being horizontal for many hours each day, has had me thinking what's important to me.  I still try to send cards to friends and I wonder what to say.  In Feb 2012 I wrote some wishes that are on this blog:  "Wishes - Feb 2012"  I thought I'd like to try to write more in that style.  I wondered what do I wish for my friends?  What do I long for for my self?  

I came up with this poem that I've displayed on two different abstract pictures, one I created in 2008, the other in 2011.  I wish for these things sincerely for my friends, but for myself as much as anyone.  And I truly feel them.  They're what get me through. 

Poem 'Wishes II' © 2013 by Shiloh Moore
'Silver Abstract' 
Acrylic on canvas
© 2011 by Shiloh Moore

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Girl With Kitty

'Girl With Kitty In Bed' 
© 2013 by Shiloh Moore
 A5 Watercolour and Pitt Pen on Paper

I did some drawings of a girl with her kitty, both lying in bed and standing up and active.  A lot of my friends with ME have kitty companions and their kitties are incredibly special to them, so I wanted to capture that.  This is the drawing of the girl with her kitty in bed, in colour (above) and just with the pitt pen (below.)  I wasn't too happy with how the purple in the watercolour came out, but I didn't have the energy to redo it and it's just an exercise for fun, not to be paid, so it doesn't have to be perfect! 

'Girl With Kitty'
© 2013 by Shiloh Moore
A5 Watercolour and Pitt Pen on paper

And here's the girl standing upright holding her kitty.  In colour (above), and the outline using Pitt Pen (below). 

'Girl With Kitty'

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Girl At The Beach

'Little Girl At The Beach'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
Watercolour and Pitt Pen on Paper - 
(Paper page from 'The Baby Sitters Club #32' by Ann M. Martin)

I went to the beach last year and have had this image floating around in my head ever since.  I like to imagine myself as a little girl, wearing floaties on the beach, building sandcastles with my bucket and spade, under the shining childlike sun.  It makes me feel warm and happy.

Other images of my 'Little Girl' can be found by clicking here

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


14" x 18" Mixed Media on Canvas
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

I continued my Spiral Animal Series including:

This deer and bird were inspired by Kaiser Craft's 'Hummingbird' collection of papers.

It feels great to have been able to paint again.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainbow Beauty

'Rainbow Beauty'
20"x 20" (51cm x 51cm) mixed media on canvas
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore 

I haven't done any art for 6 weeks, it just wasn't flowing, and I decided not to push it.  I had the Easter 4 day weekend free and on the Thursday night this image came to me again - it's one I thought up over a year ago but hadn't yet had the energy to sit up and do.  So I woke up super motivated, and gave it a go, determined to at least make a start on it.

I first had the idea after seeing much of Rachelle Panagarry's gorgeous work on her blog www.arteyecandy.com I looked at her style of collage background with a face in the foreground, and loved it.  And her youtube clip for 'Faces in colour' on the page 'Art Eye Candy TV' at this website, gave me the idea for using the tissue paper, and also the collage in the background.

The good thing about this piece was it was done in steps.  So I was forced to take breaks.  I would do a layer, then lie down as it dried.  Then I'd do another layer, then lie down.  It's the most ambitious piece I've done so far and took a lot out of me (I expect to be in recovery mode for a while) but I love it and it makes me feel so good to have made it.  I love looking at it and seeing all the layers. 

Here is a step by step guide to how it was done:

1)  First layer was a collage of faces from magazines:

  Background to 'Rainbow Beauty'
by Shiloh Moore

2)  Next I outlined the face and hair in pitt pen, and painted a thin layer of skin coloured acrylic on the face and white on the eye.  I made sure the paint layer was thin enough so you could still see the collage layer underneath:

Outline of 'Rainbow Beauty'
by Shiloh Moore

3) Then I added a layer of tissue paper:

Tissue layer of 'Rainbow Beauty'
by Shiloh Moore

4)  Over the tissue I painted with watercolour and outlined the detail with pitt pen.  These photos show detail:

Detail of top of 'Rainbow Beauty'
copyright by Shiloh Moore

Detail of bottom of 'Rainbow Beauty'
 copyright by Shiloh Moore

Portrait detail of 'Rainbow Beauty'
copyright by Shiloh Moore

5) And the final product:

'Rainbow Beauty'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Girl Skipping

'Little Girl Skipping'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
4"x6" watercolour and pitt pen on paper

Some friends gave birth to a wonderful little girl, so to decorate her bedroom I painted this picture.  I continued with the theme of my 'Little Girl' which can also be found in these other posts: 

'Little Girl Skipping - Sketch'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
4"x6" Pencil on paper

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire Within

 "Fire Within"
10" x 14"Acrylic and Sharpie Pen on Canvas
Copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

"There is a raging fire within
But at my heart
There is peace"

 This piece was very different to anything I've done before.  I have been wanting for a long time to be able to sit up and just 'play' with paints with no agenda, no preconceived ideas.  I finally had two full  days with nothing on (no medical appointments, yay!) and I was feeling a little stronger, so I did just that.

Usually before I start a piece I have a strong idea of what it will look like.  I'll have a drawn plan and an idea in my head of the steps to make it come to life.  This time I wanted to abandon that and paint with intuition.

I started with a set of pastel coloured acrylic paints.  I put them on with the squeegie, and one of the colours was orange.  When I put them on with the squeegie, the orange totally overtook the painting.  I was uncomfortable and almost upset - I really don't like orange as a colour and I didn't know what to do with it.  I thought I'd ruined it.  It was certainly not the soft pastel palette I'd had in mind.  But I told myself to relax, go with it and sit with it and see if something could come of it.  Then I painted red and pink squiggles and it looked a little better, but not complete.  I left it overnight.

Then next day I looked at what I had and the colours made me think of fire.  I felt like I wanted the fire coming from the bottom right hand corner, and I doodled for a while until I was happy with the shape of the fire.  Then I drew it on the painting.  It didn't look complete, but I wanted flames coming from the fire, so I doodled all over the painting.  I feel a lot of pressure when putting a layer of black like this on - if you stuff it up you can't go back.  But I was happy with how it turned out (below).  Then I thought it looked a little empty so I filled areas in to contrast the black areas and the coloured areas.

I was really happy with the result.  The flame at the heart of the painting looks to me like a dove diving.  So that made me feel like at the heart of this fire is peace.  The flames are fierce but flowing, and beautiful.  I feel them within.  I feel like this is a representation of how I am feeling at the moment - I've had a lot to deal with lately and within are powerful flames burning fiercely.  But at my heart is peace.  I am ok.

The process of this painting taught me valuable lessons.  Be calm, if things go in an unexpected route you don't like, don't panic.  Sit with it and it may turn out more beautiful and powerful than you previously would have planned.  Be brave, intuitive and accepting.

earlier stage of
"Fire Within"
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray!

'Hip Hip Hooray'
A4 Watercolour and Pitt Pen on Paper
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

'Hip Hip Hooray'
Original A7 scribble
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore

Thursday, January 31, 2013

SarBear Owl

'SarBear Owl'
A7 Pitt Pen and Metallic Pen on Paper
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
I have a precious friend who loves owls and who wears the coolest glasses.  I wanted to dedicate an owl to her.  I don't know if she knits, but this owl felt like knitting.   So SarBear, this one's for you xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enjoy The Puddles

'Enjoy The Puddles'
Copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
Watercolour and Pitt pen on Paper

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