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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Girl With Kitty

'Girl With Kitty In Bed' 
© 2013 by Shiloh Moore
 A5 Watercolour and Pitt Pen on Paper

I did some drawings of a girl with her kitty, both lying in bed and standing up and active.  A lot of my friends with ME have kitty companions and their kitties are incredibly special to them, so I wanted to capture that.  This is the drawing of the girl with her kitty in bed, in colour (above) and just with the pitt pen (below.)  I wasn't too happy with how the purple in the watercolour came out, but I didn't have the energy to redo it and it's just an exercise for fun, not to be paid, so it doesn't have to be perfect! 

'Girl With Kitty'
© 2013 by Shiloh Moore
A5 Watercolour and Pitt Pen on paper

And here's the girl standing upright holding her kitty.  In colour (above), and the outline using Pitt Pen (below). 

'Girl With Kitty'

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Girl At The Beach

'Little Girl At The Beach'
copyright 2013 by Shiloh Moore
Watercolour and Pitt Pen on Paper - 
(Paper page from 'The Baby Sitters Club #32' by Ann M. Martin)

I went to the beach last year and have had this image floating around in my head ever since.  I like to imagine myself as a little girl, wearing floaties on the beach, building sandcastles with my bucket and spade, under the shining childlike sun.  It makes me feel warm and happy.

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