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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Girl

'Little Girl' copyright 2012 by Shiloh Moore
Pitt Pen and Watercolour 23/6/12

A friend had a little baby girl recently.  For her babyshower I drew the below drawing of a little girl, and added colour for the above watercolour version, for them to keep in the little girl's bedroom.

'Little Girl' copyright 2012 by Shiloh Moore
Pencil on paper 2/6/12

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  1. Lilith:
    I love the angle from which we see the Little Girl. It somehow, to me, makes it look like she's waiting in anticipation for something (and I feel pulled into her anticipation).

    I love the way you've drawn her hair, with the large perfectly straight parting down the middle -- just like we used to do when we were little girls.

    1. Thanks so much, Lilith! She does look like she's anticipating something special. And yes, I loved wearing my hair in two buns with the straight part down the middle :) Brings happy memories!