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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Paisley Heart Thanks Owl

'Paisley Heart Thanks Owl'
©  20-27th April 2016 by Shiloh Moore
6"x6" Posca Markers on Paper

When I completed 'Hypnotic Heart Owl' (see here) I could see the drawing of the owl I used looked like a Paisley pattern.  I've been wanting to make thank you cards, so I decided to make a design I could use using the owl in a Paisley pattern.  I recently bought new small Posca Markers in Black, Blue, Green and Pink, so I used them.

After I finished the thank you card design (above) I saw the pink around the heart-face could also be used with curves like the rest of the body, and I also wanted to draw the owl larger, on its own without the word 'thanks,' so I redrew it (below:)

'Paisley Heart Owl'
©  20-27 April 2016 by Shiloh Moore
4"x6" Posca Marker on Paper

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