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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Poem: 'Made Whole'

'Made Whole' 
©  2016 by Shiloh Moore
(From line drawing 'Shine Your Light' © 1996 
First published in 'Stranger In The Moving Chair' © 2004 by Shiloh Moore)
6"x 6" Pastel and Watercolour on paper

© 17/4/16 By Shiloh Moore

Thank you for your love, support, thoughts and prayers.
I know it may feel frustrating,
like your prayers for me are unsatisfied…
But I feel honoured to be thought of by you

Every thought, blessing, healing ‘vibe’ and prayer
is of immense value to me

I have accepted my circumstances and
do not pray to be healed as in ‘cured’
I pray of healing in the biblical interpretation
as in to be ‘made whole’

This prayer has been answered:
as in this moment
spiritually, emotionally, socially,
I feel at peace, of worth, valued,
deeply loved and
wholeheartedly ‘whole’

I am filled with abundant gratitude
for the love, respect, support and grace
my community has given me

I cherish that in company my presence is appreciated
and that my absence is felt

Please continue sending your love, best wishes, and prayers

I know we will get through this
Whatever the outcome,

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