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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Final Drawing for 2016
©31 Dec 2016 by Shiloh Moore
8x10" Extra Fine Sharpie Markers on Paper

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2016 has been a defining year for me.  It has been tough, challenging, but in the end creative and fulfilling.  The word that I feel as I go into 2017 is HOPE.

A friend gave me some coloured sharpie markers for Christmas - ooooh love!  So here is my first go to try them out.  I was looking at Typography (making art from words) and Zentangle techniques and came up with my own doodles of flowers, animals and nature.

It makes me think of a wise phrase a wonderful friend who is chronically ill said to me: 'Where there is life there is Hope'

If you look hard, you will find these signs of life:
- A 4 leaf clover
- Flowers
- Leaves
- Grass
- A grasshopper
- Ferns
- A chameleon
- A dandelion
- A daisy
- A dragonfly
- A rose
- A caterpillar
- A coccoon
- A butterfly
- A ladybug
- A birdie
- A bumblebee

May your life be filled with HOPE


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