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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Live In Peace

'Live In Peace'
"Don't Wait to Rest In Peace...
Live in Peace"
Words and Image © Dec 2016 by Shiloh Moore
Metallic Bic Mark-It Pens on 8x8" Black Paper

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I saw a meme on Facebook that said: 'Why should we only 'Rest In Peace?"  Why don't we 'Live In Peace' too?"  I loved the message though I don't particularly like the word 'should' - to me it sounds a little passive aggressive.

I was thinking about how I could word it more to my liking.  Firstly I wrote the words 'Rest In Peace' and crossed out the word 'Rest' and replaced it with 'live!'

 'Live in Peace - Correction'
© Dec 2016 by Shiloh Moore
Pitt Pen and Bic Mark-It Extra Fine Marker on 5x5" Paper

Then I came up with this motivational quote: "Don't Wait to Rest In Peace... Live In Peace"

I have recently been loving Typography, making art from words.  So this is one of my first efforts.  For the black picture I used 'Bic Mark-It' pens on black paper.  It's hard to make a specific font with the pens due to the size of the nib.  So I just used my own handwriting.  So I'm sure with practice I will improve my fonts, but as a first effort I am happy with how this has turned out.

I think the sentiment is very timely given today's political climate around the world.  I also believe it's timeless.

So go, and live in peace!


  1. Nice!
    I don't really know about typography.

    1. Thanks so much Sophie! It's really cool, I'm just reading up on it. Also 'creative lettering' - using fonts and creating artworks using words. It's really fun! Big love to you and your mum xxxx