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Monday, January 23, 2017

La La Land - Here's To The Ones Who Dream

'La La Land - Here's To The Ones Who Dream'
© 2017 by Shiloh Moore
5x5" Pitt Pen and Watercolour on Paper

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I recently saw the film 'La La Land.'  It was special for me on many levels.  

Firstly it was the first movie I was well enough to go to with a friend in about 8 years.  I used to go to movies regularly but became too ill to go.  Occasionally I pushed myself to go spontaneously to a morning session if I was well enough, but I always went on my own in case I needed to leave the cinema mid-movie, plus I didn't have energy to talk to somebody as well as sit up long enough for a movie.  So this was a landmark occasion for me to go to a movie with a friend.  

Secondly I loved the film.  The music, costumes, acting, singing, dancing, storyline... I was swept away and loved it all.  It's such a joyful film - yet remains realistic.  It made me feel proud of who I am and what I do with my art - I'm a 'dreamer' and want to spread joy through art.  The world needs more joy through creativity.

Thirdly, the movie made me want to draw.  I was looking at the promotional posters and I immediately saw lines, shapes and the flow of the bodies form and I really wanted to draw it.  So I did, using my 'line-drawing' style I developed years ago and always fall back on.  It was so much fun!

So I'd like to thank 'La La Land' for bringing me joy.  This is my tribute, and I hope you enjoy it. 'Here's to the ones who dream.'

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