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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Yin Yang Bear Hug

'Yin Yang Bear Hug'
© 2016 by Shiloh Moore
In July 2016 I saw a photo of a black and a white cat creating a heart with their tails, which inspired my drawing 'Yin Yang Love Cats.'   I then went on to draw black and white birds creating a yin yang symbol, in the post 'Yin Yang Birdies.'  (Click the links to see my previous posts)

A year ago I bought an awesome t-shirt on Threadless,  'Huggers' by freehand.dk (click here to see it)  It has a white bear hugging a black bear, using the black negative space of the t-shirt for the black bear.  I think it's incredibly clever. 

Recently a young friend, Sophie wore that same shirt in her smaller size - so cute! It reminded me how much I love the image, and inspired me to draw a similar bear hug, but using the bears to create a Yin Yang symbol.

So 'Yin Yang Bear Hug' was born!

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